Bots for Life

The main objective of the club is "growth".  Students aim to gain knowledge and experience in the field of robotics. Students apply hands-on work to design and construct robots. Students also gain soft skills through team communication, written journals, oral presentations, and community outreach. 

About Us

Houston, Texas Field Trip

Grade 9-12 students from the Tech High School Robotics Club in St. Cloud, Minnesota developed a campaign to help promote the benefits of robots on Earth.  This website is the heart of their efforts.  The club was established in 2015 and includes 36 amazing students, four passionate advisors, and eight caring sponsors who make up six VEX robotics teams named Tigris ex Machina (98377A-G).  The teams currently compete at the State Level, National Level, and hopefully World Level in the near future.

This team is special because they grow together as one no matter how different they are from each other.  The team is made up of students of different genders, races, economic status, and grade-levels, who were born in different countries, speak different languages, hold different religious beliefs, and are challenged by different learning disabilities.  This team is special because they celebrate these differences and grow together as one.  

Tech High School Mars Simulation Lab

As part of their community outreach plan, students have developed the "BotsforLife Campaign".  This campaign includes this website, distribution of free stickers at every event, pop-up banners, and oral presentations.  Students have promoted robotics by presenting to the Board of Education, multiple schools, businesses, and organizations.