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How to Start a VEX Robotics Team

STEP 1 = Identify the grade level of students

​                - Grade K-5

                - Grade 6-12

STEP 2 = Purchase a VEX robotics kit that is age appropriate at

                - VEX IQ (Grade K-5)

                - VEX EDR (Grade 6-12)

STEP 3 = Create an Account at

STEP 4 = Register your team for VEX Robotics at

STEP 5 = Register your team for VEX Robotic Events in your area at


1. Raise Funds: Competing in VEX costs money.  The amount can be overwhelming at first for any individual or organization.  We suggest you collect a registration fee for any student participating and aim to gather sponsors from local business and industry to alleviate the cost.  Eventually you can get to the point where the cost to students is minimal or no cost at all.  There are also many grants available online which you can apply. Learn more

2.  Start Small:  When starting a team, start small.  Purchase one age appropriate kit and  create a team of students.  A student team can simply be just one student.  However, don't be afraid to have a large number of students at first.  You can then start to purchase more kits as funds become available and reduce the ratio of student to robot.  An appropriate ratio ranges from 3-5 students per robot.

​3.  Develop Soft Skills:  Focus on developing students' soft skills.  These are the skills needed to be successful in VEX and throughout life.  Focus on how students interact with each other and other teams.  Teach them teamwork.  Teach them to lose with a smile and respect those who win.  Teach them to write well while recording all designs and processes in their engineering notebook.  Teach them how to present professionally to judges.  All these skills could earn them awards.

4.  Lesson Plans:  If new to VEX EDR robotics, then warm up the students' minds with this fabulous curriculum including STEM concepts.  Have students build the Clawbot first.  Step-by-step directions teach them how! Learn more